Bidding activity

Google DNI Innovation Fund £250,000 Value My News project

Horizon 2020 CAST – DisCovery Amplificatoin Sustainability and InteracTions a research project to explore innovative and novel hyperlocal technologies using proximity wifi networks £3m. Consortium including Wicastr, Diversity Ad, Nesta, Open Knowledge Finland, Amsterdam Economic Board

Higher Education Innovation Fund CAST project £30k

Economic and Social Research Council UK. Titanium research seminar series exploring the business of exiled media

ERASMUS+         Erasmus+ Key Action 2 Strategic Partnership – eMerge emerging new content management systems for student innovation activities

RCUK (Research Councils UK) The Pond Research into new and novel distribution strategies around immersion and virtual reality

NESTA (National Endowment for Science, Tech & Arts)  Collaborative revenue capture: an innovative business model for journalism? Action research

RCUK Workshop on Collaborative Revenue Capture Funded £12,657

RCUK NEMODE – Two day gaming event at The Landing in Manchester

Technology Strategy Board Bubbal – a hyper-local publishing platform with BASEWARP –

Technology Strategy Board The ALAAN project Research into hyperlocal ad networks

Technology Strategy Board TownFizz Research into hyperlocal publishing platforms

RCUK Creating Media Innovation: A MediaLab Session Playground – NEMODE Research £15,410

Internews Kickstarting Sustainability: Mapping financing for information providers in restrictive environments £6,262

SciencesCom Audencia Group   Social Media Training £2,465

RCUK New Economic Models in the Digital Economy Phd Placement with Metz university, France

RCUK Platforms as NEMODE Research

Code for Africa  Proximity Insights project using wifi and beacon technologies in remote communities

Erasmus + consortium on business innovation in pedagogy