Business Viability Media Advisor for International Media Support where she has developed a new Business Viability Change Process as an organisational strategy. She advises independent media on developing new strategies in the global south.

Clare has assessed as an external examiner a number of donor grant programmes including Civitates, the Public Interest News Foundation, and European Journalism Centre. For the Google Digital News Initiative 2016 Clare was one of three external examiners chosen to work on the second round of the DNI fund under the direction of Ludovic Blecher. The role included assessing around 2000 applications for a third of the total €150m pot. This was a rare opportunity to see media innovation as an emerging and dynamic sector of the European economy, assessing large, medium and prototype projects.

Engaged Journalism Accelerator 2018. Clare worked as a business mentor alongside grantees on the European Journalism Centre Initiative 2018. Her role is to bolster niche business models from viable to sustainability and resilience.

Internews 2014. Clare worked to explore the revenue models of oppositional news outlets as part of knowledge to strengthen these media. The study involved semi structured interviews from a range of partners working to improve media freedom and plurality.