Cook, Clare Elizabeth  (2016)  CAST: Higher Education Innovation Funded £30,000. Using wifi proximity to harness digital communities in three remote villages in Armenia. In partnership with Impact Hub Yerevan and WiCastr wifi technology partner. Also with United Nations Development Programme.

Cook, Clare Elizabeth (2016) Action research Social Media Training for Strengthening Media In Exile Programme. Stockholm FOJO Media Institute.

Cook, Clare Elizabeth (2015) Collaborative revenue capture for exiled media New Economic Models in the Digital Economy. Research Council UK: £15,000. Supporting media in exile and oppositional news outlets to emerge new business models. In support from Open Society Foundations, Internews, Rory Peck Trust and Wan-Ifra.

Cook, Clare Elizabeth (2015) Open Media Innovation New Economic Models in the Digital Economy. Research Council UK: £15,000. A two day lab exploring the power of open media innovation to generate media startups in the media economy, in partnership with Media Lab Session, Paris.

Sirkunnen, E, Pekka P, Cook C (2013) Submojour: sustainable business models in journalism. Tampere Finland

Cook, C Geels K and Bekker P (2016) Hyperlocal revenues in the UK and Europe. This project used qualitative interviews to assess and analyse the road map to sustainability for hyperlocal news media across Europe. It was presented at New York WMEMC and was part of Nesta’s Destination Local project.