Training and pedagogy


  • interactive workshops
  • incubation
  • action research
  • ideation and novel facilitation
  • high level business assist
  • reports, studies and analysis

Training topics and themes:

  • Social media tools and technologies
  • Social media and distribution strategies
  • Producing journalism in a digital and connected world
    • KPI setting and more
    • Key influencers and analytics
    • Organisational structures of social media
  • Business models of media
  • Media sustainability
  • Economics of media
    • Making money from data
    • The business of Facebook journalism
    • Instant articles: instant what?
    • Google Ads: the emperor’s got no clothes
    • Alternatives to classified advertising
    • Proximity models for media income
    • What’s next for media partnerships
    • Native advertising 2.0
    • New models for revenue generation from beyond the sector
    • Making the most of adjacency
    • New supply chains
    • Network analysis and making social pay
    • Business ecosystems
  • Media innovation trends

Senior lecturer in print and online journalism. Taught digital and social media skills to post graduate and under graduate students on BA Journalism and MA Journalism courses. Also Economics and business of the media module leader.

Audencia Sciencescom, Nantes. Social media strategy and business of journalism electives taught to masters 2 students annually May-June

Development of a new MA Journalism Innovation: Compulsory Modules Open Innovation Labs; Business of media innovation; Media innovation theory; Innovation Project Optional Modules : Live Project; Data-driven visualisation and application; Networked Media; Perspectives: Design; Perspectives: Coding; Perspectives: Editorial; Digital Practice; Social Innovation and Activism

Periodic Course Review for BA Journalism to include entrepreneurial journalism routes (2015)

Hyblab Data Journalism, Nantes ( 2016) international collaboration of students on innovative data journalism projects

International Journalism Festival Perugia (2014) student exchange and live media environment

Social media induction events, ideation and workshops for freelancers, professionals and media. See resources for example: and