Hyperlocal revenues in the UK and Europe

How are hyperlocal publishers monetising their services in the UK and Europe, and which revenue streams are proving most effective? This report aims to inform hyperlocal publishers of the different revenue models and opportunities available to them, to help them develop more sustainable and resilient services.

Key findings

  • Viable, sustainable and resilient hyperlocal publishers are diversifying their revenues and do not rely on one revenue source, resulting in substantial income differences.
  • Partnerships are an important part of the revenue ‘mesh’. The small size of hyperlocal media services could be a permanent obstacle in moving towards maturity; partnerships could help to solve this problem.
  • Native advertising or sponsored content is sparking increased interest and some lucrative revenues.
  • There is resurgence in the interest of print, which plays an important role in discoverability and sustainability of hyperlocal media services.
  • Crowdfunding is a valuable opportunity for specific projects and campaigns.
  • There is a high use of and reliance on volunteers; they can be used creatively and to great effect as a resource.

To date, Europe hasn’t benefitted from a comprehensive study of the current and emerging revenue streams available to hyperlocal publishers, and the new opportunities afforded by digital technology.

Therefore, we worked with strategic organisations and selected 35 case studies from the UK, the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Sweden – as these are territories with a similar hyperlocal media landscape in regards to growth, challenges and innovation – to find out how these publishers are monetising their services and what we can learn from them.

The objective is to inform hyperlocal publishers, from across Europe and beyond, as to which methods and strategies are available to them, to help them develop stronger business models.

– See more at: http://www.nesta.org.uk/publications/hyperlocal-revenues-uk-and-europe#sthash.rRALnUUC.dpuf


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